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Anemia Disease

Anemia disease

Blood is one of the main components in the human body. It performs vital functions, through which ensured the unity and maintaining homeostasis in the body.

Blood consists of a liquid component, called plasma, and a cellular mass. The largest percentage of cellular elements in the blood falls on the erythrocytes (red blood cells). They bind oxygen from the air and carry it to all the cells and tissues of the body, thus maintaining their normal life cycle.

Erythrocytes are small double discs that have no nucleus and are relatively plastic membrane. They originate from a progenitor (stem) cell in the bone marrow, which is then repeated becomes differentiated into mature erythrocytes. Typically, erythrocytes live about 120 days, after which they occur various morphological changes, and they are destroyed by the cells of the reticuloendothelial system. But thanks to a finely maintained regulatory system in a healthy organism, the number of erythrocytes always remains constant, which provides the oxygen needs of the cells.

Anemia disease is a condition in which the total number of erythrocytes in the blood is lower than normal as a result of cellular and tissue oxygen deficiency, and thus sets the occurrence of the pathological process. Anemia is more a symptom of a disease rather than a separate disease. Therefore, often only the diagnosis of the condition is not sufficient to cure the patient. In most cases it is a different characteristic in their underlying disease and anemia appears to be just a symptom. Its occurrence is often a result of disease manifestations in various organs, for example the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, bone marrow, etc. or due to irrational and unhealthy eating.

It is currently assumed that between 8-10% of the population suffers from this kind of disease. This makes anemia the most common disease in the field of hematology. Furthermore, women are two times more often than men. Anemia occurs in both young and in older patients with the difference that in the second appearance, and more frequently due to various pathological processes occurring chronically in the body.

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