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Seborrhea disease

Seborrhea disease

The seborrhea disease is general condition of the body that is manifested by abnormal excretion of sebum secretion (impaired lipid metabolism) from the skin. Lipid secretion is altered chemical composition and quantity. The reasons for the occurrence of this condition are not fully understood. It is that important for this are:
– mental condition
– hormonal imbalance (thyroid, gonads)
– disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and the like.

Seborrheic areas on the head and body are those that are rich in fat and sweat glands and hair. These are :
– face – nose, forehead, chin, cheeks;
– the scalp;
– breast;
– back – in the area between the two blades;
– underarms;
– skin in the groin.

The skin of people with seborrhea is prone to develop skin diseases. On seborrheic skin form:
– during puberty – acne, milia and acne
– after puberty can develop diseases such as seborrheic eczema, rosacea, alopecia
– in Elderly – warts, rhinophyma, and other diseases.