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Migraines treatment


Although migraines can be treated completely, there are many successful solutions for rapid control of pain and stabilize the situation.

Treatment of migraine pursues two objectives: successful reduction of the strongest attacks, and creating a mode that improves quality of life (helps prevent the onset of seizures).

As have proven successful a number of non-drug, and also medicinal treatments. The non-medicinal treatments include forms of conscious weakening voltage (auto-training) that are handled best directly under the guidance of a therapist or exercise group. They are suitable for the prevention of migraine, and may optionally alleviate acute cases of pain.

Autogenous training – Practice releasing slowly and gradually – first hands and feet, and then the whole body. This leads to inner peace. This form of discharge requires above all patience and need to spend time every day to practice fully.

Gradually unloading of muscles – another technique that is recommended in many chronic or recurring medical conditions. In progressive muscle unloading alternate targeted loading and dispensing of certain muscle groups. After daily workouts at home is reduced sensitivity to pain and irritation and their duration.

The above mentioned may be used by patients undergoing stress through special training on behavior and training to master stress. However, this must be done under supervision of a specialist. Treatment of relapses of migraine depends on the severity of pain. In milder forms of migraine sometimes help a cup of coffee and a break to prevent pain.

To drug therapy related equipment against strong headache, nausea and vomiting. In severe pain it is recommended medications whose action is directed against the expansion of blood vessels typical of the period of attack. In humans, often suffering from migraine (two, three or more times a month), and in severe prolonged seizures that do not respond to conventional analgesics are normally proceeded to a long-term treatment with certain medicines.

The aim is to reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks. Typically, this treatment is long – from several months to years.

Migraine disease

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Although migraine does not occur equally in each patient, as common can consider the following manifestations – migraine is characterized by the so-called. migraine attacks, which can occur suddenly or develop slowly for hours. Migraine attacks can be divided into three phases or stages.