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Crohn’s disease symptoms

Crohn's disease symptoms

The most common Crohn’s disease symptoms are abdominal pain, localized mainly around the navel, pain during bowel movements, diarrhea, sometimes with blood in the stool, lack of appetite and weight loss.

Other symptoms of the Crohn’s disease are also changes in the skin around the anus (ulcers, fistulas, etc., possibly with natichane secretion), fever (high body temperature), general weakness, in children lagging behind in growth and sexual maturation.

If your doctor suspects that you have Crohn’s disease, he will examine in detail about your complaints and will do a full review, looking for symptoms of the disease. Could you make some of these tests, such as blood tests, possibly to show an increased number of white blood cells and other signs of inflammation and / or anemia (low red blood cells – red blood cells). These are possible signs of the disease.

Also part from the examination of feces to test for occult bleeding, which is often positively. X-ray examination of the gastrointestinal tract with barium.

Endoscopic view of the alimentary canal through the bend tube inserted through the anus. This study allows for taking small pieces of the lining of the authorities (biopsy) and their examination under a microscope by a specialist called histology.

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