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Rubella treatment

Rubella treatment

Rubella treatment is often symptomatic, that is the treatment is applied on the area of complaint rather than the cause of the infection. Rubella drug treatment can be ineffective and does not destroy the rubella virus. Patients with rubella are advised to have minimal contact with other people. Rubella is not treated with antibiotics (as well as any viral infections). Antibiotics may be used only in case of a bacterial infection as a complication of underlying disease.

Symptomatic treatment of rubella is generally conducted by a GP at the patient’s home and can include the following steps:
– bed rest and peace
– drinking plenty of fluids (to 3-4l. per day) especially during the fever, incl. hot drinks
– nutrition of sick child
– care for sore eyes – eye wash and deleting them with a clean, damp cloth without rubbing; avoid bright light, – possibly wearing sunglasses
– application of painkillers and antipyretic (lowering drugs, high temperature) at high temperature, are used mainly medicaments containing paracetamol or ibuprufen, in the form of syrups, soluble powders or tablets. Since suffering from rubella are mainly children should be avoided medicines containing aspirin because of the risk of developing a dangerous condition called Reye’s syndrome.

Sick children should not attend school or nursery for at least 7 days after onset of rash.

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