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Asthma treatment

Asthma treatment

Asthma is a chronic disease which can not be cured completely. However, there are many medications that used regularly, can fully compensate for respiratory function and to reduce the occurrence of seizures to a minimum. Highlights in the treatment of asthma is to overcome the bronchial obstruction and chronic inflammation. There are two basic approaches in the treatment of asthma – treatment in attack and treatment outside attack period.

Since asthma attack can be life-threatening condition for its treatment using fast-acting drugs with strong broncho broadly action – the so-called short-acting bronchodilators. To this group belong medicaments beta2-agonists (salbutamol, clenbuterol) as well as anticholinergic agents (Atrovent). Some medicines usually are not used daily, but only upon the occurrence of attack. They are available in the form of the MDI systems and are very comfortable to use when needed.

Symptoms of asthma

Symptoms of asthma

The symptoms of asthma can range from subtle to extremely serious condition threatening the life of the patient. Therefore asthmatic patient should be familiar with their disease and have always with appropriate drugs. Main manifestation of asthma is asthma attack. It typically includes:
– relapsing occurring shortness of breath
– Fingering breathing, presence of dry wheezing usually heard from a distance
– Painful dry cough
– Tightness and heaviness in the chest

The severity of asthma determines the strength, frequency and nighttime appearance of relapses.

Asthma disease and types


Asthma is a disease that occurs with chronic inflammation and increased sensitivity (hyperresponsiveness) of the bronchial tree to various stimuli or triggers. Contact with stimulus or provocative moment arises reaction that education reduces the bronchi becomes a blockage (obstruction) and breathing is difficult. This obstruction is variable and usually completely reversible by means of medicaments. To understand the nature of asthma as a disease it is necessary to briefly examine the structure of the respiratory system and the way it functions.

In the process of respiration, the air passes first through the nose where it is warmed, filtered and humidified. Then, he goes through the throat (pharynx) in such a pipe organ called trachea. The trachea is divided into two main armor, which continue to diverge in a system of many more small tubes called bronchi, bronchioles and terminal bronchioles. All they form the so-called – “bronchial tree”.