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Lyme disease

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Lyme disease is an inflectional illness with an endemic character, which is caused by certain microbe – Borrelia Burgdorferi. The disease is widespread in specific regions and the main sources of the infection are mice and other rodents, wild and domestic animals and some birds. The transmitters of the disease are mites of the genus Ixodes, as the infection occurs through the bite and rarely in the conjunctiva of the eyes when stroking the mite. The Lyme disease has seasonal character and usually occurs during the summer months in the period of increased activity of the ticks.

The incubation (latent) period of the Lyme disease is between 2 and 35 days, and average of 10 days.

Lyme Disease Treatment

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Treatment of Lyme disease is performed with antibiotics. However, the stage of the illness and the severity of the disability will determine the type of antibiotics that can be applied. Excluding cases where patients have joint issues or have conditions with their heart and nervous system, treatments can normally be conducted at home. The patient is not infectious to others and therefore does not require isolation.

Lyme Disease diagnosis

Lyme Disease diagnosis

Lyme disease diagnosis involves medical examination, physical assessment of possible tick bites and could include laboratory tests. The first symptoms of Lyme Disease often are invisible and the illness may occur after a long gestation period from the time of the tick bite. Symptoms of lyme disease often do not follow a common pattern making accurate diagnosis difficult in a significant proportion of cases.

Lyme Disease symptoms

Symptoms of Lyme disease can occur in three stages. With each stage, pain to organs and parts of the body will differ. The transition between the stages of lyme disease symptoms is often gradual. In some cases, characteristic of several stages of symptoms could occur simultaneously.