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What Is Malaria?

What Is Malaria?

Malaria Disease should not to be taken lightly.

Malaria is a life-threatening disease with symptoms that usually shows 5-16 days after infection.  Malaria is caused by the bites from the female Anopheles mosquito. The female mosquitoes search for a blood meal to nurture their eggs. When bitten, the Anopheles mosquito infects the human body with the parasite Plasmodium. They are the only mosquitoes that can cause malaria. Humidity, ambient temperatures, the host and environment are important factors in the successful development of the parasite. After being bitten by an infected mosquito, the parasite will enter the bloodstream and lodge itself within the liver.

Malaria Symptoms

symptoms of malaria

The early symptoms of Malaria are similar to influenza.

Malaria is a life-threatening disease with symptoms that usually show 5-16 days after infection.  The symptoms may vary depending on the type of parasite causing the disease. In areas where malaria is less common, symptoms might be misdiagnosed as flu. Malaria symptoms usually begin within a few weeks after being bitten by a female infected mosquito. In some cases it may take up to a year or even longer before you experience any malaria symptoms.