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Treatment for Meningitis

The correct diagnosis and treatment of meningitis is vital.

Early diagnosis and treatment if you have bacterial meningitis is crucial. Meningitis is caused by diverse factors and each of the 5 known forms of the disease requires different treatment. While the cause of your meningitis is being determined, your doctor might start you on antiviral and antibiotic treatment.

Meningitis Diagnosis


Early meningitis diagnosis and treatment is vital.

If you suspect that you or someone you know have meningitis, early diagnosis and treatment of the disease is crucial. Meningitis is often mistaken for the flu with irreversible consequences. There are 5 types of meningitis, caused by diverse factors and each requires different treatment. Bacterial meningitis and viral meningitis are the two most common forms of the disease. Viral meningitis often resolves on its own but bacterial meningitis requires early diagnosis and treatment.

Meningitis Symptoms

Meningitis Symptoms

Meningitis is a serious disease with flu like symptoms in the early stages.

Meningitis disease is usually caused by bacteria and viruses that exist in our bodies. Symptoms during the early stages of meningitis disease are often mistaken as the flu. The disease often follows on from a flu-like illness or infection. Meningitis has a variety of causes, including bacterial, viral and fungal infection, reactions to medications, weak immunity, and ecological toxins such as heavy metals. The most severe form of meningitis is bacterial. Meningitis can lead to brain swelling and cause permanent disability, brain damage, coma and even death in serious untreated cases. Therefore it is of utmost importance to learn the signs and symptoms of meningitis.