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Treatment of mesenteric ischemia

mesenteric ischemia

The approach in the treatment of mesenteric ischemia depends mainly on the severity and by the way occurs (acute or chronic) and not least the time elapsed from clogging the courts.

Mesenteric ischemia diagnosis

Mesenteric ischemia diagnosis

If the patient’s condition allows the mesenteric ischemia diagnosis is gone by a number of studies and examinations. First it will be asked by the general state complaints, past and accompanying diseases of the patient. Along with this, he will perform a physical examination. As part of this, the doctor will inquire about smoking, hypertension, diabetes and others.

Mesenteric ischemia symptoms

Mesenteric ischemia disease

Patients with chronic mesenteric ischemia have a stomachache 15-60 min. After a meal. The pain can occur in any part of the abdomen, but the most common is on top of or around the navel and couldĀ last from 60 to 90 minutes, then disappearing by itself.

Mesenteric ischemia

Mesenteric ischemia

The mesenteric arteries supply blood to the small and large intestines. Ischemia, wherever they occur, is a failure of blood supply to a tissue or whole body. This is a state of impaired delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and thus improper clearing waste products from their cell metabolism. When this disease process affecting the small or large intestine is damaged and their normal functioning. Mesenteric ischemia usually involves the small intestine.