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Perianal fistula symptoms

Perianal fistulas symptoms

Perianal fistulas have chronic long course with periods of exacerbation and resolution of symptoms. The general condition of the patients remains good. Efficiency is broken only in acute. The duration of the disease in varying degrees neurotic patients, they become irritable, complaining of frequent headaches, insomnia, impotence. The amount of pus discharge, which is separated from fistula opening is sparse and dirty underwear. In periods of exacerbation it increases.

In 60% of patients chronically relapsing course is. They receive periodic obstruction of fistula hole, enhancing pain, fever with swelling and redness in the area with subsequent breaking gnoetechenie plenty of old fistula opening or a new skin site in the neighborhood. Thus taps obmrazuvat new fistula channel. Continuous purulent macerated skin develops secondary dermatitis with unpleasant itching.

Perianal fistula

Perianal fistula

Perianal fistula is a newly formed passage between the anal canal, rarely rectum and tissues around the anus. The walls of fistula are formed by so granulation tissue fruit of long inflammation. Maintain a constant incoming faeces. Thus, once formed, the fistula maintained by simmering chronic inflammation, resulting in the secretion from the fistula opening, according to health care symptoms.

The main reason for the formation of fistula are small anal glands, which start from anal canal and ends blindly in depth between the muscles of the anal canal. When they become clogged with fecal matter, creating conditions for inflammation, infection penetrates deeply and creates its own moves that by opening the skin, forming fistula channel. Less common causes of the formation of fistulas.